F2U - Flash to Unity

Flash To Unity is a plugin for the Unity3D game engine that allows you to import animations from Adoble® Flash® to Unity.

Flash To Unity has an automated pipeline integrated on Unity 3D that allows to import textures, animations, texts and sounds from the XFL Flash® format into Unity Resources folder. For more details about the pipeline process please see the user manual and the video tutorials Documentation

Flash to Unity also provides functionality to create fully customizable screens and UI components using XFL files as scenes in a rapid workflow.

Custom 2D animations import from Adobe® Flash®

Use the layer system to structure and organize your animations:

  • Labels layer
  • Actions layer (Stop, GotoAndPlay, GotoAndStop)
  • Sounds layer
  • Sprite and Text layers support tweens (Classic and Simple ease)
  • Folders and Guides

Custom 2D UI Components (with Multi resolution support, controller input, and intuitive UI events)

  • Buttons (Simple, Animated, Hiperlink)
  • Checkbox
  • Scroll Panel
  • Text Input
  • Popup (Simple and Animated)
  • Gestures (Drag, Rotate, Scale, Swipe, Tap)
  • Progress Bar
  • Slider

Custom Graphics components used to render the animations

  • Sprite integrated with the new Unity SpriteRenderer , for older versions of Unity, another custom sprite is used instead
  • Text

Localization manager

  • Localized textures
  • Sounds
  • Fonts
  • Texts

Easy import process

Simply make your Flash® animations following the F2U structure, then in two simple steps get your animations ready to use in Unity:

  1. Export the bitmaps
  2. Import your animations to Unity


  • User Manual (Included in the package)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Release notes
  • Source code documentation (API documentation included in the package)